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A frenum (also called frenulum) is a tissue attachment that holds or connects an area such as the tongue, lip, or cheek. Occasionally a frenum might be exceptionally tight, thick, or short. Frenul pull can contribute to localized areas of gum recession. It can also play a role in creating gaps between teeth.

A frenectomy is a simple surgery to excise the frenum. This procedure generally takes less than fifteen minutes and has minimal post-operative discomfort.


A diastema is a large gap between teeth. A diastema can result from an unusually thick or tight frenum that attaches close to the teeth. A frenectomy, combined with orthodontic treatment, can correct this problem.


Normal tongue motion can be restricted with a tight frenum. This causes tongue movement to tug on the gingiva of the lower anterior teeth, creating a recession. In severe cases, this may affect speech. Eliminating this attachment can restore proper tongue movements and eliminate gingival pull.

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