Dental Crowns

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With age, our teeth become weaker and may develop chips, discoloration, or even infection. The appearance and function of a tooth can be renewed by a dental crown.

Dental crowns can:

  1. Prevent teeth from further chips and cracks
  2. Hold a cracked tooth together
  3. Cover and support a damaged or decayed tooth
  4. Cover a severely discolored tooth
  5. Restore a broken or severely worn tooth

Dental crowns are a common dental procedure and are frequently used in parallel with root canal therapy, dental implants, or as an anchor for a bridge.

In order to provide both strength and a natural appearance, crowns are typically made from porcelain. Once treatment is complete, patients should continue their brushing and flossing routine as usual. Dental crowns will last for years if properly cared for, so be sure to keep up with your dental appointments and daily hygiene.

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