Dentist in Wilmington, NC

Preventive Dentistry

Including examinations, cleanings, and digital x-rays, our team provides excellent preventive care to our patients. The best strategy to achieve optimal oral health is regular preventative care. By keeping up with good oral hygiene, you’ll lower your risk for gum disease, tooth decay, and other preventable problems. Click to learn more about these preventive dental treatment and cosmetic dental treatment options.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Wilmington, NC

Cosmetic dentistry can improve both the shape and the function of your teeth, allowing you to smile, eat, and speak properly while looking your best. Every smile is unique to the individual, so our team at The Dental Studio creates customized cosmetic care plants that fit the needs of every patient.

Restorative Dentistry

For patients that are looking to heal or rebuild their smile, restorative dentistry is the answer. Restorative dental treatment has the power to alleviate pain while restoring function and beauty to a damaged smile. To preserve your natural teeth, as well as tooth replacement options, we offer conservative treatment solutions.


Periodontics include the prevention, treatment, and diagnosis of periodontal disease. The leading cause of tooth loss is periodontal disease, so it’s important to regularly evaluate your gums and overall oral health at our dental office. If necessary, our team will make recommendations for treatment to fight gum disease and help retain your natural teeth.


Orthodontic treatment is used to help all types of patients improve crooked, uneven, or misaligned teeth. It is also used to straighten teeth and correct any imbalance in the bite. Our team offers both aligners, to help shift your teeth into place, and retainers, to help preserve your beautiful, straight teeth for years to come.


Root canal therapy removes harmful bacteria from your tooth, healing infection, greatly reducing tooth pain, and improving your oral health. When decay or a crack has reached the nerve of a tooth, a root canal is necessary. Root canals are often necessary when a crack forms in a tooth, allowing harmful bacteria to reach your

Oral Surgery

Our Wilmington dental team offers a selection of oral surgeries. Our philosophy is to provide the most comfortable care possible. We take the time to answer your questions and explain your treatment path beforehand.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea or have problems with snoring, our team can help you achieve restful sleep. We offer a variety of treatment options to ensure your airway remains open throughout the whole night.

TMJ/TMD Treatment

If you frequently experience jaw pain, difficulty chewing, or clicking or locking of jaw joints, you may have a TMD. TMD, or temporomandibular disorders, refer to a variety of symptoms including stiffness, discomfort, and/or pain in and around the jaw joint. We can work with you to diagnose and treat these symptoms.

Children’s Dentistry

Early oral examination aids in the detection of the initial stages of tooth decay. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, your child should visit the dentist within six months after the presence of the first tooth or by his or her first birthday. Early detection is also essential to maintain good oral health. Promote long term oral hygiene habits with your children by starting them on regular dental visits today.

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